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Branch Mechanic

Reference: JOB52


  1. Conducts Pre-Delivery Inspection on sold units.
  2. Performs check-up and tune-up of Motorcycles and Power Products
  3. Signs warranty service coupons and forwards the same to the Branch Controller
  4. Assists in the product demonstrations
  5. Performs safety driving lessons to customers
  6. Custodian of all shop tools and shop equipments
  7. Prepares JOB ORDER Estimate Form
  8. Performs other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time a.) Performs stenciling of motorcycle units sold b.) Assists in the checking and receiving of stocks delivered at the branch c.) Maintains MC service units


  1. Male
  2. Preferably with experience in motorcycle troubleshooting and overhauling 
  3. Willing to be assigned anywhere in the Philippines.

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